Terms of service

Terms of service

Copyright rights

The web pages of the company Upfor, their structure and all functions, information, data, text, image and sound materials, and all the functionality of these web sites are subject to the copyright. The user may use the content only in the context of the functionality of the web pages for personal use and does not acquire any rights to the content and programs. As far as we the users of software to download as part of the Web sites offer use are limited to the user's authority to personal use in connection with the use of www.upforsolutions.se.

Usage Rules

At numerous sites, especially information services, there is a gratuitous and free access for interested parties. For that freely usable pages, we take no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the contents. The retrieval of information held may only be done in a way that the use of our online services by other visitors not significantly affected.


The web pages of the company Upfor may contain links to the Web sites of other providers, for which we assume no liability. The establishment of a hyper-and inline links from other websites to the websites of the company Upfor, without the prior written permission of Upfor is expressly prohibited. In particular, it is inappropriate to include belonging to the company Upfor websites or their content via a hyperlink in a partial window (frame) or present.

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