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Pneumatic Measuring Adjustment and Calibration Mass

The pneumatic measuring can be used in many areas of industrial production. The method and technique of pneumatic measurement is particularly characterized by the very high accuracy of 1.0 micron and very good stable Wiederholfähigkeit of 0.1 microns in a very short time. The Unaffected by the environment (dirt / temperature) makes it unnecessary to clean the parts to be measured to achieve with this method, a good reproducibility of the results.


Pneumatic measuring The pneumatic measuring is a non-contact measurement that protects the parts to be measured. Typical applications are measurements of diameter, length measurement between axes, measuring cone, eccentricity, pairing measurement etc are typical applications of this type of measurement.

The majority of the measurement equipment and systems that we construct and implement result from measurements of comparisons with the base on known ratios of the normalized mass calibration standards and compared. We develop, implement, certify and certify these calibration and Eichmasseund addition the special calibration and calibration mass.


We offer the following range of calibration and calibration mass: - Verification and calibration mandrel rings according to various international standards (according to DIN standards 2250C and 2250 B, Cnomo, ANSI B47-1-1988).


  • Special calibration and calibration mandrel rings
  • Calibration standards and spike Eichringefür cone measurements, ISO, HSK.
  • Special gages.
  • Tolerance gauge for min. and max. Ø
  • Thread plug gauge and thread measuring ring
  • Snap Gauge for min. and max. Ø

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