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Laser Micrometers Grindline

Systems for on-line measurement of ground parts

GRINDLINE is a highly accurate and extremely flexible laser measurement system, designed specifically for measuring the diameter of parts finished by through-feed or plunge centreless grinders; it is ideal for 100% on-line control and for real-time adjustment of the grinder.


  • Zero-defect production: the 100% inspection allows out-of-tolerance parts to be detected and sorted, avoiding any risk of rejects or later complaints.
  • Labour savings: the unsupervised automatic control makes lighter work for the grinder operating staff.
  • Reduction of scrap: the real time grinder regulation prevents machining any out-of-tolerance parts.
  • Quality Certification: the on-line inspection makes random sample checks redundant and allows the printing of detailed reports to prove Product Quality and Process Capability.

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