Liability for hyperlinks

Upfor AB is responsible for content (content provider) for its "own content", which it makes available for use, according to general laws. Such content and references ("links") must be distinguished from the content provided by other providers. For external content, it is only responsible if they (ie also of illegal or criminal content) has positive knowledge and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use.


"Links" is, however, always "living" (dynamic) references. Upfor AB has made the first connection checked the external content to see if any potential civil or criminal liability. She is not obligated to monitor, to which they refer in their own, constantly check for changes that could give rise to liability. Only if it finds or pointed out by others, is that a concrete offer to which it has provided a link triggers a civil or criminal liability, it will remove the reference to this offer, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical feasibility and reasonableness are not influenced by any be accessed from the homepage of Upfor AB from other servers, the illegal or punishable content after removal of access can.

Accepting encrypted mail

Upfor AB, for technical and organizational reasons or decrypt any encrypted e-mails. If you want to send us confidential information, we ask that you use to refer to the post.

Adoption signed electronic mail

Unfortunately Upfor AB, for technical and organizational reasons check no electronic signatures for authenticity and validity. We currently can not receive encrypted or signed e-mail. This has the consequence that you are. Documents that are subject to a requirement of writing, that is, the personal signature, can not send in electronic form We ask you therefore, in these cases to use paper-based communication.

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